TWICE Nayeon’s Funniest Scene In Her “POP!” MV Was Actually The Scariest To Film

Nayeon was worried at the time but could laugh about it now.

During TWICE‘s Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung‘s reaction to Nayeon‘s music video “POP!”, they couldn’t help poking fun at a completely adorable and hilariously unreal scene.

As they watched Nayeon jump into the sky higher than was humanly possible, Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon burst into laughter from it being “so cute.” It was so unexpected that Jeongyeon asked, “How did you jump? I think people will be shocked.

Although it wasn’t clear from how quickly the scene appeared and disappeared, Nayeon revealed, “There’s a trampoline.” The scene wasn’t as easy to film as it seemed, though.

Despite Nayeon having such a bright and natural smile for the scene, she felt the complete opposite on the inside. After laughing along, she said, “I was so scared.

Filming on the trampoline had been so terrifying because Nayeon had to look straight at the camera above her and couldn’t see anything else. Since one turn or move could’ve caused an injury if she’d landed outside of the trampoline, it’s understandable why she’d been so scared.

I had to look at the camera while jumping. I couldn’t see my body while jumping.

— Nayeon

Watch them laugh at the cute scene while Nayeon proved how much of a professional she was for not letting the fear show.