Nayeon’s Reaction to BTS Is How the Rest of Us Feel About BTS

Who can blame her?

TWICE‘s Nayeon showed a surprised reaction to BTS‘ fantastic performance.

On the 12th of last month, the 2018 MAMA Fans‘ Choice was held at Saitama Super Arena in Japan.

On this day, BTS, who are now worldwide superstars, drew other idols’ attention with their perfect performance.

In particular, Nayeon’s reaction to BTS’ performance of “Fake Love” received additional attention.

In the footage that was released on Mnet’s YouTube channel on the 13th of last month, the TWICE members can be seen focusing on BTS’ performance.

During the performance, mystical music came on and the BTS members imitated zombies, which prevented any viewer from looking away.

When the fantastic performance began, Nayeon dropped her jaw and showed a very surprised reaction.

Jeongyeon also admired BTS’ performance with her eyes opened wide.

The way fellow idols cheer each other on is providing fans with a heartwarming feeling as well as additional enjoyment.

With more awards ceremonies coming up in the future, fans are looking forward to seeing more of such heartwarming support.

Source: Insight


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