TWICE’s Nayeon Reveals The Rule She Tries Follows Before Every Photoshoot

“I try not to…”

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently participated in an interview and gorgeous pictorial with W Korea. Following her written interview, Nayeon also did a fun interview “Polaroid Interview” where she took cute polaroid selfies after several questions!

One of the questions given to her asked, “Do you have your own rule to prepare yourself before a photoshoot?

Much like idols and other performers have a routine before hitting the stage, It’s also pretty common for models to have a common routine or rule that they follow before a big shoot.

For Nayeon, she revealed her rule that she tries to follow as much as she can. Nayeon claimed on nights before a photoshoot, she tries not to eat anything.

Q: Do you have your own rule to prepare yourself before a photoshoot?

It’s not something I always do, but I try not to eat the night before…

— Nayeon

Though it is a rule she tries to follow, she also clarified, “It’s not something I always do.” Nayeon proved her words to be true as she hilariously confessed to eating pizza the night before her W Korea pictorial.

But I had pizza with the members yesterday.

— Nayeon

After she admitted to eating pizza the night before, Nayeon adorably giggled at herself.

It seems as though not even pizza can ruin a photoshoot for Nayeon! As her pictorials show, she was still absolutely stunning!

Check out the interview below: