Nayeon Has Never Eaten School Lunches Before

“I’m like TT.”

TWICE‘s Nayeon revealed an untold story about her dieting days in high school.

In a recent V Live broadcast, TWICE’s Jihyo filmed herself eating with Nayeon, Jeongyeon, and Momo in “Jihyo’s CANDY NIGHT 2”.

On this day, the members chatted about the subject of dieting.

Jihyo started off by saying that she lost 8 kilograms after Mnet’s “Sixteen”.

Momo surprised viewers with her revelation that she once lost 7 kilograms in a week when she was a trainee. However, she gained it back right afterward.

Nayeon said, “I’ve never registered for school lunches before. I always brought sweet potatoes and eggs from home.”

Jihyo responded by saying she hasn’t been to the lunch room more than 10 times either.

That’s a testament to how strong-willed they were ahead of their debut.

Fans who heard what Nayeon had to say responded with comments such as:

  • “You worked really hard.”
  • “You must have been so hungry when you saw your friends coming  back from lunch.”
  • “That must have been difficult.”

It’s definitely not easy being a star.


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