TWICE’s Nayeon And Stray Kids’ Felix Are Adorable In Their TikTok Collaboration, But Fans Can’t Get Over Their Opposite Styling

The next best thing to a stage!

TWICE‘s Nayeon recently made her incredible solo debut with IM NAYEON.

Along with the bubbly title track “POP!,” fans of JYP Entertainment artists were excited to see that Nayeon and Stray KidsFelix collaborated for the b-side “NO PROBLEM.”

Nayeon’s album IM NAYEON | @nayeonyny/Instagram

Fans were incredibly excited that Felix had become a “successful fanboy” and really enjoyed the song.

Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

And while, unfortunately, there was no possibility of any collaboration stage since Stray Kids is currently in North America for their world tour, Nayeon made sure that fans got the next best thing.

Nayeon first posted a TikTok for “NO PROBLEM,” which was open to duets for fans.


Do you want to duet with me?🐰💕 NO PROBLEM with NAYEON😉#TWICE #트와이스#NAYEON #나연 #IM_NAYEON #POP❣️ #PopPopPop #NOPROBLEM

♬ NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids) – NAYEON

Stray Kids’ Felix quickly took advantage of TikTok’s duet feature, dancing to the song alongside Nayeon’s video.


NO PROBLEM Duet Ver. NAYEON & Felix🎶No, nothing can stop us this time 😎🎵No, there ain’t NO PROBLEM tonight🙌#TWICE #트와이스#NAYEON #나연 #IM_NAYEON #POP❣️ #PopPopPop #NOPROBLEM #StrayKids #스트레이키즈 #Felix #필릭스

♬ NO PROBLEM (Feat. Felix of Stray Kids) – NAYEON

And while the TikTok is absolutely adorable…

Fans can’t get over the drastic styling difference between Nayeon promoting her cheerful album, and Felix wearing one of his outfits for tour.

TWICE’s Nayeon and Stray Kids’ Felix | @twice_tiktok_official/TikTok 

The contrast is definitely amusing, even if both idols are adorable.