TWICE Reveals They Have Never Tried Many Drinks Mentioned In “Alcohol-Free”

Here are the drinks they have yet to try.

As fans would know, TWICE recently made a comeback with the title track “Alcohol-Free.”

The lyrics of the song include references to popular drinks like wine and cocktails. Knowing this, Rolling Stone asked the girls to name their personal favorites.

‘Alcohol-Free’ references some wine and cocktail names, what is your favorite drink?

— Rolling Stone

Nayeon explained that she typically orders non-alcoholic mojitos. Surprisingly, she and her members have yet to try many of the drinks that were mentioned in the lyrics!

I like to get non-alcoholic mojitos when I go to cafés, since they’re ‘Alcohol-Free.’ There were actually a lot of drinks in the lyrics that we’ve never had before, like mimosas or piña coladas.

— Nayeon

Nayeon’s words gave Jihyo the bright idea to film content where they try the drinks from “Alcohol-Free.”

It would be fun to film some content around trying those drinks.

— Jihyo

On the other hand, Momo revealed that she and Sana recently tried mimosas for the first time after hearing about them in the song. Much to their surprise, they both found that the drink tastes delicious!

I had never tried a mimosa, but after finding out about them through this song, Sana and I saw it on a menu and decided to try. It was really good!

— Momo

Rolling Stone then explained that mimosas are a common drink for brunch in America. “Mimosas are really popular for brunch in America.

Upon hearing that, Nayeon laughingly admitted that, like Jihyo, she would greatly enjoy filming themselves tasting different drinks. “We’d really love to film contents around trying these. (laughs)

Here’s to hoping TWICE will soon release content showing them tasting alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks alike!

Source: Rolling Stone