TWICE’s New Photoshoot Will Make You Fall In Love With Them All Over Again

“My eyes are in heaven.”

TWICE has recently done a photoshoot for the magazine, Marie Claire, and their beauty has shocked netizens yet again.


For the individual shoot, Nayeon wore a brown belt point dress by Chloe that emphasized her feminine side.


Jeongyeon modeled a beige Dior trench coat styled with a Dior necklace, which highlighted her goddess-like proportions.


Dahyun showed off her signature smile in a flower-patterned maxi dress with leather details by Coach 1941.


Tzuyu also wore a flower-patterned dress from Coach 1941 but paired it with Roger Vivier buckle stiletto heels and Dior earrings that accentuated her huge, beautiful eyes.


Mina wore a dress and jeweled belt by Miu Miu that accentuated her femininity.


Chaeyoung looked like a summer angel in a Romatic Crown top and shorts that matched perfectly with her bright, summer hair color.


Jihyo was a goddess in a white lace Fayewoo top and skirt.


The red shirred Nina Ricci dress that Sana wore completely suited her bright personality and made her look like a queen.


And last but not least, Momo could be seen in a delicate flower-patterned dress by Isabel Marant Etoile which brought attention to her graceful appearance.


Each member showed off their individual charm in the photoshoot and netizens were absolutely blown away.

  • “P.r.i.n.c.e.s.s…”
  • “Wow, I couldn’t keep my mouth closed throughout the whole thing.”
  • “Can’t think of anything to say but wow…princesses.”
  • “They’re so beautiful.”
  • “They look like medieval royalty.”
  • “My eyes are in heaven.”
  • “Their visuals are seriously amazing. They’re always beautiful and refreshing.”
  • “Each member is so beautiful!!”
Source: Instiz and Marie Claire Korea