TWICE Officially Drops “More & More” MV And Hopes Fans Will Enjoy Their New Style And Concept

The queens have returned!

Girl group TWICE officially dropped their new music video “MORE & MORE” on June 1 at 6 PM KST, making this their first comeback in nine months.

Nayeon reveals that this new album is about how someone in love will want to know more and more about that person. “As you get to like someone you continue to want to know more about them.”

When asked about the two types of visual concepts they portrayed in the photos, they revealed that they were going for a hippie and nature concept. Jeongyeon commented that the hippie style was something the group has never done before and allowed them to be more free.

Jihyo added, “These two concepts are like black and white, they are totally opposite of each other. Hippie style is a bit more daring and sexy while the nature style shows a more pure and clean image.”

In terms of difficulty, they all agreed that the choreography for this music video was the hardest. The dance moves were the hardest out of all the dances they have done in the past and it was even harder to have all nine members in sync. They put in the most time and effort on the filming of the choreography.

They chose thing song as the hardest dance they have ever done as the moves itself are hard and take up a lot of their energy.

When asked what they would like to hear the most from fans about this album, they hoped that people would think they are trying something new and continuing to grow musically.

Take a look at the music video below!

Source: newsen