TWICE Reveals That Park Jin Young Was Excited About Their “Alcohol-Free” Comeback From The Start

“He looked so happy and was dancing along.”

TWICE has a ton of hit songs to their name, and as fans know, quite a lot of them were written by JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young!

From “What Is Love”…

…to “Feel Special”…

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…and now “Alcohol-Free”, Park Jin Young has delivered quality bops for TWICE, and they shared just how excited he was when he introduced their latest title track to them!

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In an interview with Rolling Stone, TWICE talked about their latest album, concepts, and more! Among the questions that the group was asked was to name a memorable event while making their preparations for this album!

Are there any memorable moments you can share from preparing this new album?

Tzuyu recalled the moment they were first presented the song by Park Jin Young, and talked about how excited he was about it!

When our producer J.Y. Park first showed us the song, he looked so happy and was dancing along. That was really memorable and funny.


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Nayeon also talked about how excited he was about “Alcohol-Free”, giving tons of directions in the studio about how best to show the vibe of the song!

Also, he kept asking me to sing with more of a South American feel. He gave me a lot of comments, more than I normally receive, and he told me to go out and try more South American foods to get inspired.


Nayeon | JYP Entertainment

TWICE made their comeback with the mini-album Taste Of Love and title track “Alcohol-Free”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Rolling Stone