TWICE Has Always Been In Perfect Sync, But Their “FANCY” Choreography Tops All

Can’t help but fancy this!

Since debut, TWICE members have been well known for their incredible abilities to stay in sync with each other while carrying out such intense dance moves. But their choreography for the latest hit track “FANCY” has fans truly wowing over how hard they must have practiced to look this good!


Throughout the performance, TWICE has multiple opportunities to show off just how perfectly in sync they can move. It almost looks like they are computer graphics!


Even the angles of their arms and legs are in undeniable synchronization – and ONCEs are at complete awe over how flawless the members look.


The pure perfection of their in sync choreography really shines in TWICE’s “FANCY” dance practice video.


The clip can be paused at any moment and the members will be found so in place, so in sync!


Regarding their choreography, Jihyo and Sana shared on Idol Room that members have a single day to learn the entire choreography, then only two to three following days for memorizing and perfecting the moves before shooting the music video.

We learn the entire choreography in one day. On that same day, we’re filmed and the video is shown for confirmation. It’s really hard.

— Sana


Thanks to the amount of dedication and practice that goes into perfecting their moves, TWICE slays every single performance, in perfect synchronization!


Watch the full dance practice clip here:


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