TWICE Performs “Yes or Yes” At Manager’s Wedding

They made a special appearance.

TWICE‘s schedule is as busy as ever, but these superstars still made time to make a special appearance at their manager’s wedding.


This past weekend, all nine members sang their new single, “Yes or Yes” to the bride and groom in front of hundreds of guests.


Each time TWICE sang the line “yes or yes”, the groom sweetly kissed his bride twice: one kiss for each “yes”!


TWICE couldn’t help squeeing over this cuteness. After the first two kisses, the members turned to each other, grinning from ear to ear!


Although the manager’s wedding invitation was riddled with TWICE song references, it was uncertain if TWICE would be able to make an appearance, due to time constraints. Luckily, they did!


Guests snapped these candid shots of the group that perfectly capture the joy of the occasion.


TWICE weren’t the only celebrities to attend the wedding though. JYP Enterainment‘s CEO, J.Y. Park, posed in this photo with TWICE and the happy couple.


To hear TWICE’s special performance of “Yes or Yes”, check out the video here.

Source: Korea Times