TWICE Is Preparing For Their Comeback In September

The queens are back again.

JYP Entertainment has confirmed that TWICE is preparing for their comeback soon, with the goal of it happening in late September.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that TWICE would be making their comeback in late September, just 5 months after the release of their 8th mini album FANCY. JYP Entertainment has since confirmed the plans of a comeback.

TWICE is preparing for a comeback, with the goal of happening in late September.

There is no specific date yet, and we will announce it when there is one.

— JYP Entertainment

They also briefly talked about Mina, who many fans are curious whether or not she will be participating in the comeback.

The priority for Mina is for her to recover her health.

— JYP Entertainment

It was announced back on August 8 that TWICE was filming their music video for their comeback, leaving fans curious as to when the comeback would actually be.

Source: SPOTV