The One Major Complaint That Fans Have About TWICE’s “Ready To Be” Album

“My only complaint about this album is that…”

On March 10, TWICE released their latest album, Ready To Be, with the title track “Set Me Free”. The EP, which has seven songs total, has been breaking records for the K-Pop group, and has proven that TWICE’s impact on the industry hasn’t slowed down in their over seven years together!

While the album and the tracks on it were overall well-received, there has been one major complaint recently brought up among fans.

Out of all seven songs on the album, only two of them — “Set Me Free” (both the Korean and English versions) and “Moonlight Sunrise”, the two songs with music videos — reach three minutes long, and only barely (they’re 3:00 and 3:01 minutes long each).

The other four songs on the album range from 2:40 to 2:56 minutes long, making the entire album last only for about 20 and a half minutes. The realization of how short the songs on the album are led to a post being made on the K-Pop Thoughts subreddit to discuss the matter.

I’ve listened to the whole album, ‘Ready to Be’, by Twice and I’ve only got one complaint from kpopthoughts

Some of the commenters on the post agreed with the author, wishing that their enjoyment of the album could last longer with songs that were a little longer themselves.

Others mentioned that this isn’t just an issue with TWICE, but that songs overall have recently been trending on the shorter side due to streaming culture in modern days.

So the only “complaint” that fans really have about the TWICE album is that they’re not getting as much of the members’ captivating vocals as they would like!

Source: Reddit