TWICE Goes Nowhere But Up With Record Breaking Album Sales

They continue to achieve new milestones every year!

TWICE continues to prove their influence as artists through their growth both through their music and through literal numbers!

TWICE has sold more than 1 million albums every year for three consecutive years since 2017. They have accumulated 1,199,185 album sales in 2017, which gradually increased in 2018 with 1,484,062 album sales.

In 2019, the numbers slightly decreased to 1,141,236 album sales. This year’s sales were driven by their albums FANCY YOU and FEEL SPECIAL.

TWICE made their debut with “Ooh-Ahh” as their debut and title track for album THE STORY BEGINS, which was released on October 20, 2015. Since debut until their most recent comeback with FEEL SPECIAL, the total album sales can amount to around 4.5 million cumulative sales.

The power girl group’s success doesn’t stop there. TWICE is also soon reaching the 8 million album sales milestone including total number of album sales for both Korean and Japanese albums.

TWICE is going nowhere but up!

Watch their latest music video here:

Source: Newsen