TWICE Take Fans On A Trip Down Memory Lane By Recreating Scenes From Their “What is Love” Music Video

It is a gift from TWICE to ONCE!

A few days ago, TWICE‘s hit track “What is Love” from 2018 started re-entering music charts everywhere after going viral in a short video on the platform TikTok. After this happened, ONCEs on social media couldn’t hide their excitement seeing the track make a comeback and started trending #WhatIsLoveRecharting.

| JYP Entertainment/ YouTube

On July 15, after seeing all the love and support the song had received, TWICE released some special videos for fans where they recreated some of the iconic scenes from their music video. Nayeon and Momo were the first up, and they gave ONCEs a 2021 version of The Princess Diaries scene serving looks and style.

| @JYPETWICE/ Twitter     

Sana and Tzuyu recreated the classic Pulp Fiction scene and managed to slay in skinny jeans and blazers.

| @JYPETWICE/ Twitter

The next pair were Mina and Dahyun, who channeled their inner La Boum, and fans noticed that the way Dahyun looked at Mina was identical to the music video!

| @JYPETWICE/ Twitter

The last video was Jihyo and Chaeyoung dancing to the track dressed as a bride and groom. What made this video so special was that it was inspired by the couple who helped the track make a comeback after they posted a clip of them dancing to the iconic song for their wedding dance.

TWICE really showed how much they love their fans by gifting fans a 2021 version of their track! Make sure to watch the original video for the video below.

Source: FI and FI