TWICE To Release Their Own Film “TWICELAND” At CGV Theaters

Get ready!

According to CGV, TWICE will be releasing their first film, TWICELAND, on December 7 at 50 CGV ScreenX theaters nationwide.


TWICELAND will be a film that follows TWICE on their journey through their world tour, “TWICELAND ZONE 2: FANTASY PARK”. The film will include performances, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews.

The film will feature never-before-seen clips from TWICE’s international tours in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and more!


With the ScreenX technology, viewers will be able to experience the film with two additional side screens in addition to the main screen and feel as if they are in the concert arena.

Source: ScreenX

TWICELAND is an alternative content created by JYP Entertainment and CGV ScreenX.


Anticipation has been rising with an introduction to the upcoming film by TWICE themselves!


Check out the preview to TWICE’s TWICELAND here:

Source: Sports Today