Here’s What TWICE Remembers The Most About Filipino ONCEs From Their Visit To The Philippines

“I can still remember that…”

It’s been a few years since TWICE held their TWICELIGHTS concert in Manila, but the members still remember it as clear as day! They fondly looked back on the experience in an interview with Shopee, an online shopping platform.

TWICE | Richard Esguerra/ABS-CBN Sports

Jihyo remarked that she was shocked to hear how loud the cheers of Filipino ONCEs was. She was glad to be able to meet fans again through the platform.

I can still remember that when we visited the Philippines, Filipino ONCE’s cheers were so loud. Even if we aren’t physically with them now, it is really great to meet you guys today.

— Jihyo

Later in the interview, the host asked them to name the most memorable experience they had when they visited the Philippines.

Does TWICE still remember their visit to the Philippines? What was the most memorable experience in the group’s trip there?

— Host

Dahyun echoed Jihyo’s previous statement and added that Filipino ONCEs made the entire concert more enjoyable for them.

I definitely think a lot about the concerts we had. The cheering of Filipino ONCEs was so passionate. The cheering made us really enjoy performing during the concert.

— Dahyun

To end, the host asked if they learned any new words or phrases from that time, and Momo immediately shouted, “I love you!” in Filipino.

Mahal kita!

— Momo

Chaeyoung, on the other hand, chose the phrase, “So amazing!

Ang galing!

— Chaeyoung

Here’s to hoping it won’t be long before TWICE visits the Philippines again!

| Richard Esguerra/ABS-CBN Sports
Source: YouTube