TWICE Reveal How Life Has Changed Since They Debuted: Friendships, Fame & Music

“How could TWICE do that?”

Time flies for ONCE—it’s already been a over five years since TWICE debuted. Since then, they’ve gone from fledgling rookies to becoming the highest selling K-Pop girl group in history. Naturally, a lot has changed for the members since their debut—and they revealed all in a new GRAMMYs interview.

For one, Momo says the group’s friendships have changed over the years. According to the main dancer, they’ve all become “much closer” than they were five years ago. Many of the members trained and lived together for several years before “Like Ooh-Ahh” was released, but going through the trials and tribulations of idol life certainly must have deepened their bond.

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On the contrary, Jihyo and Mina don’t see a big change in the closeness of their friendships together. According to Jihyo, the “familiarity” between the members and how close they are has “stayed the same“.

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Likewise, Mina says the group’s closeness is “a point that hasn’t changed since debut“. She shared that many people have told her they can feel the closeness of the TWICE members through their performances alone. From their synchronization to their fond glances on stage, that comes as no surprise.

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But friendships aren’t all that have grown and developed. With their unwavering success on the charts, TWICE’s fame has accelerated exponentially. These days, they’re known all around the world—from South Korea to Japan to the United States. As such, Chaeyoung revealed that since the group debuted, they can’t walk around in public anymore because everyone recognizes them.

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That said, Chaeyoung went to say that she doesn’t feel like her age is changing. When she debuted, the maknae line member was just 16 years old. Now, she’s already 21. However, Chaeyoung joked that she still feels like she’s 18 years old.

Finally, there’s the music. Without a doubt, TWICE’s artistic direction has taken a dramatic turn over the past few years. They first rose to fame with cutesy songs like “Cheer Up”, but since the release of “Fancy” in 2019, they’ve taken a far more mature direction.

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That’s something Dahyun noted in the GRAMMYs interview. She explained that while TWICE’s debut was “bright and cute“, their musical performance has “grown and changed” since then. According to Dahyun, the group reorganized their “composition as nine members” to show a “cooler image” that many people thought they’d never be able to express.

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Of course, like everything TWICE attempts, the members pull off their new style flawless. Dahyun went on to say that listeners may hear songs like new single “Cry for Me” and think, “How could TWICE do that?“. “But we are doing it now“, she says.

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Ultimately, through it all, one thing that will never change is the bond between TWICE and ONCE. Sweet as ever, Dahyun revealed that “how much we love our fans and how hard we work for them” will always stay the same.

Source: GRAMMYs