TWICE Reveal Thoughts On Excellent Teamwork + Give Update On Mina’s Health

They have one of the best group dynamics in the industry.

TWICE is world-famous as one of the most talented and hardworking idols in the industry, and have a unique group chemistry that makes their teamwork flawless!

The idol group is currently promoting their latest comeback “Feel Special”, and guested on SBS PowerFM Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time. On the show, they covered various topics like new hobbies, the things that are currently keeping them busy and more. 

They then opened up about what helps them keep up their strong teamwork as a group that’s been actively promoting for 4 years now. Nayeon spoke up about how all the girls are very honest with one another; if there’s a problem that needs to be spoken about, they talk about it immediate;y and resolve it before it leads to any kind of conflict.

We’re good at expressing ourselves when we’re upset or grateful. We say everything that’s on our minds. —Nayeon


Jihyo then added that being in a group exposes even the most sensitive parts of one’s personality to the others, but the members are all very accepting of each other— flaws and all!

At the fansign event that succeeded the talk show, Jeongyeon asked fans if they were wondering about how Mina was doing. She then smiled and said, 


Mina is doing well. She received all your letters; so please keep sending her many letters!


Good to know the girls of TWICE are closer than ever!