TWICE Reveal The Unique Way JYP Coaches Them In Singing

TWICE members share what JYP differs from other producers!

TWICE appeared on One Night of TV Entertainment after their new song “What is Love?” became a massive success as soon as it was released.


The TWICE members mentioned on the show that recording their latest hit was much harder than learning the choreography.


When the reporter asked how JYP is different from other producers when it comes to recording, Jeongyeon indicated that he makes all the members sing the entire song before deciding the different parts.

“Producer Park Jin Young makes everyone sing the entire song to give the members parts that suit them well.” ㅡ Jeongyeon


Dahyun explained that JYP gives a score for each of their recordings.

“He always gives a score when we do recordings. For example, ’98. Let’s try one more time to add those extra 2 points.'” ㅡ Dahyun


Chaeyoung also added that he sometimes gives her a situation to help her delve deeper into the music.

“He makes a situation to help me get into the moment. He would say, ‘Imagine where you are.'” — Chaeyoung


And Jeongyeon showed a hint of frustration when she explained how JYP tells them to express their emotions and try singing like speaking.

“He tells us ‘Try to express your feelings’ but ‘Try singing like your speaking.’ How can we sing like we’re speaking when we’re singing.” ㅡ Jeongyeon


Although it may sometimes be frustrating to sing like your speaking, JYP’s unique way of coaching his stars must be working considering the success the girls have been experiencing!


On the show, the TWICE members were treated to a delicious meal of quality beef to which the members could not hide their excitement.


They also took some time to teach the reporter their new “question mark” dance for “What is Love?”.


Source: TV Daily and Osen