TWICE Reveals How They Feel About Stray Kids’ Debut

TWICE talked about JYP’s new boy band Stray Kids during their radio appearance.

TWICE revealed how the felt about Stray Kids and their debut on the radio program Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street.

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TWICE has recently graduated from the position of maknae in JYP Entertainment since the debut of Stray Kids.


Jihyo expressed that they were very happy to finally have a junior below them.

“We’re still the second youngest at JYP, but we’re so happy we now have a junior below us. We received CDs from the awhile ago and I even wrote messages for each member.” ㅡ Jihyo


Nayeon also added that it felt strange and interesting that they’ve become a sunbae.

“It’s really cool that we’ve become sunbaes.” ㅡ Nayeon


TWICE debuted back in 2015 with their first album “The Story Begins” and have since achieved unbelievable success with every comeback.

Their new comeback with “What is Love?” surpassed 50,000,000 million views in the shortest period of time in girl group history!


After three years of being the maknae of JYP, Stray Kids has taken over the position with their successful debut in March of this year.

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Although they’ve hit the ground running, they’ll still have some big shoes to fill with a sunbae like TWICE!

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