TWICE Reveals JYP Still Doesn’t Take Their Opinions Seriously

Under the guidance of Park Jinyoung and JYP Entertainment’s producers, TWICE has been flourishing, but there’s one thing the members still lack: creative input.

On the November 10 episode of SBS Power FM Radio’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power FM, TWICE was asked a number of questions regarding their group, their music, and the creative process.

When asked about their influence on the group’s unique concept and catchy tunes, TWICE revealed something that surprised a lot of viewers.

“We are always thankful for what we have. At this moment, we do not have any voice when it comes to our music, but I hope that our opinions and artistic input will be reflected someday. Our newest single, “Likey”, was exceptionally good. ”

— TWICE’s Jihyo

It looks like TWICE’s members hope to one day produce their own songs like their former label sunbae Wonder Girls.

One fan reacted by joking that it must be really hard to convince Park Jinyoung with his creative ways.

Whether or not TWICE can convince Park Jinyoung to give them some creative control over their music soon, fans look forward to the day they get to hear TWICE’s unique artistic voice.

Source: Nate