TWICE Reveals Which Of Their Members Cries The Most

Who has the case of uncontrollable tears in TWICE?

TWICE joined comedian Kim Shin Young on her radio show Noon Song of Hope and shared tons of stories about their off-the-stage lives.


TWICE’s Jihyo was voted as the member who cries the most. But when DJ Kim Shin Young asked for her opinion on who never cries versus who cries the most, Jihyo picked Momo and Tzuyu respectively.

“Momo doesn’t cry. Even when she watches sad movies or dramas, she doesn’t cry. I know a lot of people see Tzuyu as the type not to cry, but actually she cries the most. Sometimes she tears up out of the blue. I think she has a really soft and gentle heart.” — Jihyo


As for the member who needs to clean more, Sana was picked.

“Sana just has a lot of stuff at the dorm. I don’t think she even unpacked all her suitcases yet!” — Jeongyeon


TWICE also talked about “What is Love?” and how the bop came to be the group’s new title track.

“All of our title songs have been chosen through a blind monitoring process. Producers listen to over 300 songs and choose for us. We don’t participate in the song selection.” — Jihyo


While “What is Love?” turned out to be a huge success, TWICE members weren’t sure if the track will do well when the producers introduced it as the title.

“When we finally get the title track, we don’t hear it in our voices. It’s usually a male voice recorded. So it’s hard for us to tell if it will do well at that point.” — Nayeon


Speaking of love, the members shared their current obsessions. Jeongyeon and Nayeon shared that the members are in love with actor Jung Hae In from the drama Something in the Rain.

“I actually don’t watch the drama, but I’ve seen so many pictures of him and they all give me butterflies!” — Jeongyeon

“We also watch a lot of the dating shows, like Heart Signal. We all gather in front of the TV at the dorm and watch the episodes while eating.” — Nayeon


TWICE also praised Kim Shin Young for her amazing job as Celeb Five‘s member. Members invited Celeb Five to appear on a TWICE concert.

“I think it’s amazing how Celeb Five sunbaes are pulling off the difficult choreography. It would take us forever to get that good.” — Momo


At the end of the program, TWICE and DJ Kim Shin Young posed Celeb Five’s signature choreography move and wrapped up the show!


Watch TWICE on Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope here:

Source: News1 and TV Daily