TWICE’s Sana Opens Up About Their Canceled Concert And Her First Solo Magazine Photoshoot

It was the first time she was without her members.

TWICE‘s Sana debuted her first ever solo photoshoot with 1st Look Magazine. During her interview, she opened up honestly about their recently canceled concert, as well as her first solo photoshoot opportunity.

TWICE had to cancel their “TWICELIGHTS in Seoul” finale concert last month due to the growing coronavirus pandemic. Sana confessed she was terribly disappointed by the news

I can’t put into words how disappointed I am. Our Seoul concert was supposed to conclude our year of touring and held a deep meaning.

Since we were disappointed, the members and I took a photo and uploaded to our social media. We were so sorry and regretful.

— Sana

But she was so thankful to the fans who in turn comforted the members about the news.

The fans were the ones who actually comforted us, so we were really thankful. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

— Sana

Most importantly, she celebrated her first solo photoshoot debut! Sana was an absolute doll dressed up in frills and bows as her visuals shined brighter than ever!

She confessed that she was a bit awkward since she didn’t have her members with her, but she was able to fulfill one of her wishes with the magazine spread!

I’ve only ever done it with my members, so I was a little lacking and awkward but I had a lot of fun.

I like taking photoshoots, so I always hoped I could do it on my own too.

— Sana

But it was hard to see where the awkwardness went because Sana posed so effortlessly while proving why she’s a member of one of the most visual-packed girl groups of all time!

With such a highly successful photoshoot, Sana will surely be featuring in more solo endeavors alongside her many roles with TWICE!

Source: Segye