TWICE’s Sana Shows Off Cute Handwriting In Three Languages—English, Japanese, And Korean

Even her handwriting is pretty!

TWICE‘s Sana is known for being a very warm and adorable person, and it turns out these attributes also extend to her handwriting! Recently, it was Sana’s turn to film a vlog for her Secret Friend.

Her mission was to write a letter on paper and secretly deliver it. Surprisingly, she claimed that it was one of the worst missions she could have been assigned to because of her distinct handwriting. It’s so unique, in fact, that it was previously a topic of conversation among her members!

Okay, my mission is to write a letter and secretly deliver it to my Secret Friend. I have to hide my handwriting. So I was talking to the girls, and they were saying that my handwriting is too distinctive. That’s what they said, then I ended up getting this mission!

— Sana

In order to succeed in the mission, she decided to feign being unfamiliar with the Japanese language. Naturally, her Secret Friend must be Japanese!

I was really caught off guard, so I tried to think of a way out. One, have a sloppy Japanese handwriting with broken Japanese as if I used an online translator. I have to be good at pretending, but I figured it would take some practice, so I’ll begin practicing now.

— Sana

As she practiced writing the letter, she went through three different languages. First, Korean…

….then English…

….and finally, Japanese. Needless to say, her handwriting is adorable in every language!

Catch more of Sana in the full video below.

Source: TWICE