TWICE’s Sana Can’t Get Enough Of Dahyun In Adorable, Skinship-Heavy Vlog

She clearly adores Dahyun 💕

TWICE‘s Sana couldn’t get enough of Dahyun in the most recent “TW-LOG with SECRET FRIEND” vlog! The video went off to a memorable start with the two engaging in a lot of skinship.

Right off the bat, their close friendship was clear as day. Sana, in particular, clearly enjoyed Dahyun’s company!

Not only did she playfully scoot closer to Dahyun…

…she also appeared to adore their tight embrace.

When Dahyun asked Sana who her “secret friend” is for TWICE’s Secret Santa activity, Sana readily claimed that it was her. She then joked that her mission is to put two fingers up Dahyun’s nostrils.

Afterwards, as they gazed at the camera, they noticed how similar they look from a certain angle.

Seeing from here, we look alike. Right?

— Sana

Their faces were so close to each other that they nearly touched.

Going back to the topic of the Secret Santa activity, Dahyun asked Sana to prove that she’s her secret friend by doing the mission.

She says I am her secret friend. Do it to me right now.

— Dahyun

Joking that her prop for the mission is her lips, Sana took the opportunity to pretend to suck on Dahyun’s cheeks like a vacuum cleaner! “I have to do some stretching with my lips.

Sana added, “Sucking on Dahyun with my lips.

Dahyun was surprised to see that she left a mark with her lipstick. “You really left a mark!” Laughing, Sana wiped it away with her finger.

Sana and Dahyun’s friendship is seriously the cutest! See it for yourself in the full video below.

Source: TWICE