TWICE’s Sana Had To Say An “Embarrassing” Line For A Teaser, And It Took Her 4 Tries To Get It Right

She’s adorable 💕

TWICE‘s Sana has been teasing fans about her upcoming photobook Yes, I Am Sana for a few weeks now, and the company recently released a behind the scenes video for one of her photoshoots.

In one of the locations for the photoshoot, Sana dressed casually in a pair of denim jeans, a black cami, and a matching belt.

She leaned on a pillow her with her eyes closed…

…and like a true actress, she convincingly pretended to be waking up from a nap.

To complete the scene, the director asked her to say a line for the teaser video.

Look into the camera and say…’Wanna go on a vacation with Sana?

— Director

Upon hearing the “embarrassing” line, she immediately burst out laughing, saying, “What is this?

After calming down, they tried shooting the scene again, but she once again couldn’t hold back her laughter!

She almost got it on the third try, but she felt embarrassed when she noticed that everyone on set was looking at her. “I can feel everyone looking at me.

After a few hiccups along the way, Sana successfully said the line on her fourth try—and it was adorable!

Fall deeper in love with Sana in the full video below.