TWICE’s Sana Reveals The Extreme Diet She “Survived” On To Lose Weight As A Trainee

It’s a sad reality for many trainees.

There is no denying that TWICE‘s Sana is beautiful and never fails to shock netizens with her visuals and unreal proportions.

TWICE’s Sana | @m.by_sana/Instagram
| @m.by_sana/Instagram
| @m.by_sana/Instagram

Yet, Sana recently showcased the extreme measures trainees go to in order to lose weight.

Recently, TWICE’s Sana appeared in a new video with Single’s Inferno Kim Jin Young. While a lot of the video was cute and adorable interactions between the two, there were also some more serious topics.


During the video, Sana started talking about the food she would eat as a trainee.

Yet, she quickly explained that she wanted to get it delivered but knew she would get scolded, so she would buy it from the market and eat it secretly.

The stories told by idols of having to sneak food are no secret, and many have shared tales of having to hide and eat because of the strict rules from K-Pop companies. In particular, TWICE has never been shy of exposing JYP Entertainment.

Sana has been and always will be beautiful, but it is also known that many companies have strict weight requirements for trainees. The TWICE singer revealed there was a time when she was very stressed and gained weight.

Sana then revealed that when she thought she had gained weight, she took extreme measures to lose weight, explaining the small amount of food she would “Survive” on.

There was a time when I survived on just eight cherry tomatoes a day.

— Sana

Luckily, Sana added that she doesn’t do anything so serious now and personally controls her diet without pressure from anyone.

I personally controlled myself after the debut ‘Don’t meddle with my business!’

— Sana

It is no secret that the topic of weight within K-Pop is still huge, and more idols are willing to share the harsh reality of the industry when it comes to body image.

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