TWICE’s Sana Reveals Why She Was Extremely Touched By Her Manager’s Actions

She appreciates the effort!

TWICE‘s Sana will be releasing her photobook Yes, I Am Sana in a few days, so what better way to hype up the release than by uploading a behind the scenes video of her photoshoots? In the video, Sana posed for the camera in beautiful locations and stunning outfits, and she also took the time to share personal stories.

While on the way to another location, she talked about her love for Shake Shack burgers at the moment. “I’m really into Shake Shack burgers. Can I say the brand name? Initially, I wanted pho and steamed pork.

Shake Shack is an American fast food chain that specializes in burgers, chicken, shakes, and more.

Sana continued her story, revealing that she was craving steamed pork or pho at first.

After we finished shooting, my manager came in and said, ‘We’re about to order lunch.‘ So I said, ‘I want either steamed pork or pho.‘ I was really happy to even be saying those words.

— Sana

She changed her mind, however, when her manager said they were planning on ordering fast food. Unfortunately, he broke the news that there weren’t any Shake Shack restaurants nearby.

And he goes, ‘Oh, we were going to order fast food.‘ So I said, ‘Oh…okay…but I also like Shake Shack these days. I want Shake Shack then!‘ So he said alright, but there was none near where we were, so I said it’s okay, and I gave up.

— Sana

Thankfully, one of her other managers knew of a close one! Her genuine excitement was written all over her face.

But another manager came in and happened to say, ‘There is Shake Shack near here. If not, we can stop by on the way to the next location.‘ I’m excited!

— Sana

Sana was grateful that her manager was willing to go out of his way to stop by Shake Shack because she asked for it. Like a true ball of sunshine, she ended by expressing how happy it made her!

But in a sense, he is volunteering to go out of his way for me because I said I wanted Shake Shack. He said that he would go get it for me so that we can all enjoy it together, you know? So I’m really happy today.

— Sana

Catch more of Sana in the full video below.

Source: TWICE