TWICE’s Sana And (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Reveal How They Became Such Close Friends

The two gorgeous idols shared how they came to have such a close friendship!

TWICE‘s Sana and (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon are two friends who make up an insane visual duo, and they shared how they became friends!

Sana (left), Miyeon (right) | @kr_now/Twitter

Sana recently guested on Miyeon’s radio show Gossip Idle, where the two talked and caught up with one another! They floored viewers with their visuals, and also revealed the story of how the two became close friends! They were sent in questions by listeners, and one of the questions they recieved was about how Sana went from “Sana unnie” to just Sana!

Miyeon called Sana ‘unnie‘ at first, and now you call her ‘Sana’. Let’s listen to the story of how ‘Sana unnie‘ became just ‘Sana’!


Miyeon then talked about how she first mentioned Sana during a live broadcast as the TWICE member she would love to meet, and also took this opportunity to clear up a misunderstanding!

Maybe my pronunciation was a bit off when you heard it, but I didn’t say Sana ‘unnie‘, because we weren’t close at that time. Instead of unnie, I said sunbaenim [senior]. At first, I really liked TWICE sunbaenim, and among them, I really liked Sana. I really liked Sana because she’s so pretty. Just because, I really like her so much.


Sana then talked about how she came to meet Miyeon, revealing that she first saw an edit that fans had put together of Miyeon talking about her. They met a few days later at a music show, and Sana was surprised when Miyeon immediately hugged her when they met!

Somehow, fans edited a video of Miyeon talking about me and uploaded it. After watching that, I got to know about it [Miyeon wanting to meet her]. A few days later, was it a year-end stage? We met at a music broadcast, and I said, ‘Oh, I watched Miyeon talking about me.’

And as soon as Miyeon saw me, she hugged me like this! So I was like, ‘Oh, this friend does a lot of skinship too!’


Sana then revealed that it was Miyeon who immediately asked for her number, but it was ultimately Sana who ended up contacting her first, with Miyeon sharing how they began to contact each other slowly after that!

Actually, even though I have your number, we don’t always call and meet each other. It’s difficult for us to meet, so I said ‘Okay, let’s have a meal together.’ We went out for a meal, and then continued to meet each other.

We can be close to each other if we became friends, so we decided to become friends. And so, that is the story of [Sana] sunbaenim becoming unnie.


We’re living for this visual friendship!

Watch them talk about it here!