TWICE’s Sana And Jihyo Do A Complete 180 When Day Turns Into Night

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TWICE‘s Jihyo and Sana make a complete 180 degree change when the night finally arrives!

TWICE’s Jihyo | JYP Entertainment

TWICE’s Sana | JYP Entertainment

The girls showed just how different the day and night are in a recent behind the scenes video with Harper’s BAZAAR. In the video, they could be seen filming their performance for “Alcohol-Free” on The Ellen Show.

Jeongyeon, Sana, and Jihyo gathered together to talk about the set change. With the new night scene in mind, Jihyo asked what they should be doing at night.

The night has come when we should be having fun. What should we do at night?

— Jihyo

Sana shouted in reply, “Have more fun!

She then asked Jihyo how she would dance during the day. “If Jihyo had been dancing during the day, how would you have danced?

Not one to disappoint, Jihyo immediately complied and started dancing cutely.

Afterwards, Sana asked her how she would dance at night, and she surprised with a seductive dance!

Ever supportive, Sana complimented Jihyo, telling her that she did “great.”

Jihyo didn’t waste the opportunity to ask Sana to do the same. “Sana, could you also show us?

Thankfully, Sana needed no further prodding! She replied, “This is during the day…

And like Jihyo, her “night” version was just as jaw-dropping!

Watch Sana and Jihyo change in the speed of light in the full video below!

Source: Harper's BAZAAR