TWICE Sana’s Makeup Artist Reveals The Small But Impactful Way Her Makeup Has Changed Since Debut

“Where the feel of the songs has changed… the makeup has changed as well…”

Jeong Yo Won, a makeup artist from the famous K-Pop styling collective Bit and Boot, has been working with TWICE‘s Sana for six years now. In a new interview with Allure Korea, Jeong revealed how Sana’s makeup has changed since then in a small way that makes a big difference.

Noting that Sana is becoming “more and more” pretty (pun intended?) by the era, Allure Korea wanted to know if there are any differences in her makeup these days. According to Jeong Yo Won, there’s one aspect of Sana’s makeup that’s been changed since debut—and while it may sound small, it’s made a big difference.

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Where I made a lot of changes,” Jeong revealed, “is the eyebrows.” The makeup artist went on to explain that when Sana debuted, she’d shape her eyebrows in a straight fashion. This gave Sana a “more pure and bright image” that was in line with the youthful vibes TWICE portrayed in songs like “Cheer Up” and “Likey.”

“Cheer Up” | JYP Entertainment

Now, however, Jeong Yo Won says Sana’s eyebrow styling has changed along with TWICE’s music evolution. “Where the feel of the songs have changed to a more sensible kind,” she says, “the makeup has changed as well, shaping the eyebrows differently.” In particular, Jeong says she now arches Sana’s eyebrows a little at the back. In turn, this makes the shape of Sana’s eyes stand out, giving her a more mature image.

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While it may seem like a completely insignificant change in the grand scheme of Sana’s visuals, you can really tell how it’s elevated her look from cube vibes at debut…

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… to sexy and elegant vibes today.

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And Sana isn’t the only one to see dramatic changes with something as simple as brow reshaping. Earlier this year, fans noticed how much labelmate ITZY Yeji‘s look has changed since her makeup artist started doing her brows differently.

ITZY Yeji’s Image Completely Shifts with Just a Change in Her Eyebrow Shape

Source: Allure Korea