TWICE’s Sana And Momo To Appear As Judges On The Girl Group Survival Show, “NIZI Project”

They will appear as judges on the girl group survival show!

TWICE‘s Sana and Momo have announced their appearance in a very special show soon!

On January 31, the official Twitter of the NIZI Project uploaded a tweet featuring a video from TWICE. NIZI Project is a collaboration project between JYP Entertainment and SONY Music that aims to debut a girl group that will be mainly active in Japan, following JYP’s expansion idea of “Globalization Through Localization”.

In the video, TWICE’s resident Japanese members, Sana and Momo, reveal that NIZI Project is a girl group survival project by JYP Entertainment, home to K-Pop acts like 2PM, GOT7 and TWICE. While cheering them on, they also announce that for the final stages of the show, the two of them will appear on the show as judges to decide who makes the final cut!

TWICE themselves are a group that was formed by the survival show SIXTEEN in 2014. So both Sana and Momo are quite possibly the best judges the show could have, as they know exactly what its like to be Japanese trainees with the dream of debuting in a K-Pop girl group!

The full lineup of trainees that will participate in the NIZI Project has not been revealed yet, but the girl group is expected to debut in November 2020. The show will be broadcast on Hulu Japan.

Are you excited to see Sana and Momo as judges?