TWICE’s “Prada Girl” Sana Stuns ONCE With Her Exquisite Beauty In New Video For “Vogue Korea”

Sana Prada brand ambassador when?

TWICE‘s Sana stunned ONCE with her exquisite beauty in a new video for Prada!

TWICE’s Sana | @m.by__sana/Instagram

Sana starred in a new promotional video for Prada and Vogue Korea. The video was posted on Vogue Korea’s Instagram and TWICE’s official Instagram and Twitter pages. Sana also posted the video on her personal Instagram.

| @m.by__sana/Instagram

The video opened with Sana reading a book and enjoying crème brulée in a beautiful garden.

However, Sana was even more beautiful than the garden in her Prada crop top and long skirt!

Later, she changed into an orange top and matching shorts.

Throughout the video, Sana was the very definition of elegance, beauty, and grace.

Although fans have always known Sana is absolutely gorgeous, she stunned them with this new Prada and Vogue Korea video!

While Sana has not been officially announced as a Prada ambassador yet, ONCE thinks this video is a good sign that she’ll become an official ambassador for the brand soon!