TWICE’s Sana Has The Most Relatable Reaction To What She’d Do If She Were Late To A Meeting With A Friend

Raise your hand if you’re just like Sana 🙋

TWICE’s Sana may be a global superstar, but she’s just like the rest of us in many ways!

TWICE’s Sana

In an interview released on their YouTube channel, the members each received a prompt and were asked to relay what they feel about it. Sana was given the following: “You were supposed to meet your friend at noon and you wake up at 11:50 AM. How [do you] feel?”


Jihyo gave a possible scenario: “If it’s a close friend, you can just say, ‘Sorry, can we meet a bit later?'”

But what if they’re not close? Chaeyoung guessed that Sana would just cancel the meet-up, and she was spot-on! The member in question said that she’d ask her friend if they can reschedule instead.

I’d want to run away and just say, ‘I am so sorry, let’s just meet another time!’

— Sana

For all really friends of Sana, don’t fret! She made an exception just for them.

If it’s a really close friend, then you can say, ‘I’m so sorry, but come meet me here.’ And we can order food and hang out at home.

— Sana

TWICE relaxing in their dorm

If she has no choice but to go to the agreed venue—even after being behind schedule—then she’d cry and feel terrible for being late the moment she meets up with her friend.

I’d be weeping and saying, ‘I’m so sorry.’

— Sana

From sleeping in to wanting to cancel on friends, Sana is hilariously relatable sometimes! For more fun moments with TWICE, catch the full video below.

Source: YouTube