TWICE Is So Rich, A Private Jet Was Rented For Them When Their Flight Got Cancelled

Here’s what happened, according to Sana.

As one of the most successful K-Pop groups in the world, it goes without saying that the TWICE members have earned a good sum of money through the years—for themselves and for their company, JYP Entertainment.


This was never more obvious than on the day an expensive private jet was rented for them when their flight got cancelled!

Last February 22, TWICE held a concert in Fort Worth, Texas, and was scheduled to perform in Atlanta on February 24.

Unfortunately, an unexpected winter storm hit the area, forcing airline companies to cancel flights. The members and their team then traveled by bus to Houston where they were planning to catch a plane to Atlanta.

Luck, however, was clearly not on their side. According to one of their managers, the flight was cancelled again due to a downpour of hail.

Sigh… The flight was cancelled so we drove 3 hours on a bus to catch a charter flight but we had to go back to Houston because it hailed there… ㅎWe can get on a flight, right?

— TWICE’s manager

As a last resort, the company rented a private jet to head to the city. TWICE’s manager was clearly relieved, captioning a picture, “Finally our plane ㅜㅜ

Sana also captured the moment in a recent vlog.

TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

She revealed that they boarded the plane early in the morning and finally arrived in Atlanta when it was already past 3am. And that was the end of a long, stressful day!

The flight was cancelled. It’s past 3am. We rented a private jet and arrived in Atlanta.

— Sana

It took them 11 hours to arrive in the area. Due to the delay, their staff was unable to add a staircase to the stage like planned.

We’re at the venue, and we’re getting ready to rehearse with the new set. There was supposed to be a staircase here, but it took us 11 hours to get here. We reached the hotel at around 3 or 4am. There was no time to build the set, so no staircase today… We’re rehearsing with a different set.

— Sana

Despite the tiring adventure and incomplete set, TWICE still went on to amaze fans with an incredible concert!

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Source: YouTube