TWICE Sana’s adorable charm at IAC melts fan’s hearts

TWICE‘s Sana is known for her adorable charm off stage and while she may not have intended it, her cuteness shone through at IAC once again.

While some idols shine on MBC‘s Idol Star Athletics Championships, showcasing their athletic prowess, others are more relatable to the average person.

During the women’s relay race portion, Sana started off strong for a millisecond, before awkwardly slowing down. She briefly had a look of determination as she ran with her face down, but was unable to keep up the pace.

Sana tries to keep up as the other competitors gradually pass her one by one. Soon there was a massive gap between her and the rest of the females. She was not as aggressive with her running posture, with her arms flailing a bit.

Spectators found her lack of athleticism and speed adorable; most of us non-athletes would perform similarly to Sana! There was a lot of focus on her as people wondered if she could pull off a miracle comeback for her team.

Source: Bada