TWICE sets record for fastest K-Pop group MV to 10 million views

In less than 48 hours since the release of their latest music video “TT,” rookie girl group TWICE is already setting records yet again. 

Following in the footsteps of “Like OOH-AHH” (which holds the record for most views for a debut music video) and “Cheer Up” (fastest idol group music video to 50 million views), “TT” has set the record for the fastest K-Pop music video to 10 million views.

Doing so in just 40 hours, “TT” took the record away from BTS’s latest track “Blood Sweat & Tears,” which reached 10 million views in 41 hours. With its addicting tune and captivating videography, “TT” is keeping fans drawn to the screen watching it over and over again.

Make sure to watch the music video for TWICE’s “TT” below:

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