TWICE Shares Why They’re Called “T-PM”, Named After The Beastly 2PM

It only makes sense, given their workout intensity!

On the latest episode of Idol Room, TWICE members shared their intense work out schedules and routines, proving that they indeed deserve the nickname “T-PM (트피엠, Teu-PM)” coined after K-Pop’s first beast-dol (idol group consisting of muscular members) 2PM.


When the show hosts asked who might be the Taecyeon of TWICE, the girls didn’t understand at first. But the hosts explained that TWICE fans now call the girls “T-PM”, after 2PM, because they are known for their intense work out sessions. TWICE members had a good laugh about how creative their new nickname is!


Jihyo shared that she often heads straight to the gym, even after coming home from a long international tour. Jeongyeon pointed out that Jihyo works out for over four hours at a time!


The hosts were completely shocked by Jihyo’s determination to stay fit and healthy. Jihyo explained that on days she wants to go that extra mile, she does indeed work out for four hours.

Yeah. When I want to really push myself, when I want to be hard on myself, I do that.

— Jihyo


TWICE also mentioned that Chaeyoung is an excellent “T-PM” member. Chaeyoung explained that she wanted to get ready for the summer so she signed up for a month of gym membership. While she didn’t go super bootcamp like Jihyo, Chaeyoung also went every single day and gave it her best for an hour each time. That’s some diligence!


Momo got down to business and showed the hosts how it’s done. She shared her infamous ab workout routine and gave everyone the chills. According to Momo, a few sets of 50 twists each day will give anyone the solid rock abs that she flaunts so well on stage! Check out how stable Momo looks on plank…


On the other hand, Jeongyeon had no shame uncovering the fact that she does not belong to “T-PM” and in fact hates working out. She shared that she doesn’t like to exercise and instead replaces all physical activity with her dance practices and stage performances.


When Momo tried to teach Jeongyeon the ab routine, Jeongyeon struggled and gave up after a couple twists. Apparently, not everyone in TWICE is cut out for the T-PM life!


TWICE fans are absolutely amazed by how hard the girls work to maintain their bodies in shape. Their dedication to staying fit is becoming true inspiration for a lot of ONCEs who want to keep healthy!