TWICE Reveal Why A Sleeping Momo Reminds Them Of DAY6’s YoungK

The reason behind it will have you in splits!

TWICE recently revealed how a sleeping Momo reminds them of DAY6‘s YoungK, and the reason will have you cackling!

TWICE’s Momo

TWICE’s Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, and Sana recently guested on KBS Cool FM‘s Kiss The Radio, where YoungK is the host, and reminisced on their trainee days together at JYP Entertainment! The members of Day6 and TWICE debuted a year apart, and have always had a close relationship with one another!

TWICE, Day6, and GOT7’s Jinyoung | @jypentertainment/Instagram

During the show, the TWICE members and YoungK talked about their trainee days, and mentioned how they would take language lessons together! Jeongyeon revealed how, during their Chinese language lesson, YoungK was intrumental in her passing the class, and thanked him for it!

I didn’t know what the answer was and listened next to me, the thing that Younghyun [YoungK’s real name] oppa said. So after I heard it, I said it one beat slower. So I passed. I remember. Thank you.


As they talked about their time as trainees and the lessons they used to take, a listener sent ina question about Jihyo and YoungK being mentor trainees at the agency.

I heard that Jihyo and YoungK used to be mentor trainees back then. Can I listen to some stories from that time?

Jihyo immediately shared a story about YoungK from one of their shared Chinese lessons! She revealed that even as a mentor trainee, YoungK was amazing, because even though he would sleep everyday in class, he still managed to pass every single test with flying colors!

This happened during our Chinese lessons too. When we were mentor trainees, [YoungK] oppa and I always had lessons together. But really, he slept in class every single day.

He slept everyday and he passed the class alone!


Nayeon then revealed that because he ended up doing everything well, everyone thought he was just pretending to sleep during class!

But, because we all thought it was weird that he slept everyday, we thought he was pretending to sleep on purpose. But he was really sleeping!


She also brought up how Momo reminds them of YoungK in his trainee days, because she’s also always sleeping everyday!

After seeing our member Momo, who sleeps all the time everyday, we always talk about YoungK.

‘This is like Younghyun oppa when he was a trainee’!


YoungK then did his best to offer an explanation!

I was just tired and sleepy. I always slept.


Watch them share their hilarious stories here!