TWICE’s Spotify Has Been Hacked — Creepy Song Uploaded On Official Account

Fans have been mass reporting the song:

On August 5, ONCEs discovered that TWICE‘s official Spotify account had seemingly been compromised after noticing a new song had been uploaded to their account. This new song immediately raised suspicions and after fans took a closer look, everyone was even surer that the account had been hacked.


Although the track, “Strong”, had TWICE listed as the artist on Spotify fans immediately knew it was not by the top girl group. And when they checked out the song’s information, they were greeted with a completely blank producer and source section.


The blank source and producer weren’t the only strange things about the song. It was also uploaded onto a second unofficial account called TWICE…


And when fans decided to play the track they were greeted by a piece of music that many fans are describing as “creepy” and “nightmarish.”


After discovering the song and reporting it to Spotify and JYP Entertainment, ONCEs have been warning everyone about the issue and have even expressed concerns that the person behind the hack is a sasaeng who is upset over the Jihyo and Kang Daniel dating news.


Fans have also been looking for the possible culprit behind the situation and after doing some digging, they discovered another artist on Spotify with very similar songs to the one uploaded on TWICE’s account. ONCEs have since brought this other account to Spotify’s attention.


Meanwhile, fans are hoping that the issue can be resolved soon and that Spotify can help prevent issues like this from happening again in the future.