TWICE’s Stylist Criticized For Styling Momo In “Only Lingerie” During Seoul Music Awards

Fans demanded that the stylist be fired.

TWICE appeared for the red carpet at the 2020 Seoul Music Awards. The girls came dressed in matching black outfits as they waved to the fans. But Momo‘s outfit made headlines as fans demanded that the stylist be fired.


Momo arrived wearing a thin strap mini-dress with kill-heels.


But fans were not happy with the stylist’s choice of outfit as they began to criticize her dress as “lingerie“.

“Sh*t are they crazy? Why did they dress her in lingerie. I feel disgusted thinking of all the guys who’ll sexually harass her from looking at her photos”

“The male idols all came dressed in long, warm clothes but Momo had to wear lingerie and kill-heels that hurt her feet… And she has to smile all the while”

“That is literally a lingerie what else can it be..”

“Who the f*ck dressed her in only lingerie”

“She must be cold… At least give her a coat…”

— K-Netizens

They claimed it was too short, causing Momo to feel uncomfortable while walking up stages.

She was seen covering herself, most likely from the fact that she’s wearing a short thin dress during the cold winter air.

Momo’s dress was made by the luxury clothing brand, Versace. Despite how beautiful she looked, fans were worried for how she’d be perceived and the cold weather.

Many went as far as to demand that the stylist be fired for dressing Momo inappropriately for both the event as well as the weather.

“Please I beg that you immediately change TWICE’s stylist and makeup artist. They’re both bad. The members always have to pull it off with their visuals.”

“Are they trying to punish her? They only dressed Momo like that”

“If that’s not lingerie then what is.. Is the stylist crazy?”

“I mean sh*t, JYP please fire their stylist;;;”

— K-Netizens

Despite whatever she may think of the dress herself, Momo hopefully found warmth as soon as the red-carpets were over to avoid the chilling season.

Source: Nate Pann

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