TWICE Sub-Unit MISAMO’s “Do Not Touch” Receives Praise For Its Important Message About Consent

It’s the women empowerment anthem we needed.

TWICE‘s first-ever sub-unit MISAMO, comprised of Japanese members Mina, Momo, and Sana, recently made their debut.

From left: Momo, Mina, and Sana | JYP Entertainment 

Their new song “Do not touch” from their first 1st mini album Masterpiece might have just been released, but it’s already receiving a lot of praise for good reasons.

At a time when increasingly minors are debuting, many K-Pop fans rejoiced seeing adults “debut” with a mature concept.


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The music video also contains references to many famous works of art. This is symbolism that also connects to the album’s title Masterpiece. Art is often referred to as masterpieces, which you are warned not to touch.

Not only that, but this plays into the song’s important message that ONCEs are praising. The lyrics are actually preaching about consent. So, it is not just your average “woman empowerment” song. It thoughtfully uses art symbolically and metaphors to communicate a much-needed message concerning the importance of consent, especially in an industry and society that frequently objectifies women.

Yes, you can watch me
But you can’t touch me
Until I feel ready
Yes, you can watch me watch me
But you can’t touch me, touch me
When I say It’s okay
Until the time is right
Sorry but…

— MISAMO, “Do not touch”

So, ONCEs are praising the song for not only being a genuinely great song but including a message that everyone needs.

We expected nothing less but a “masterpiece” from MISAMO. Yet, they also delivered a cultural reset.

Watch the MV below.