TWICE Were Supported By Their Fellow JYP Artists At Their TWICELIGHTS Concert In Seoul

TWICE’s concert inspired their juniors to work hard.

On May 25th and 26th, TWICE held two concerts at the KSPO Dome in Seoul. This is just the beginning of their TWICELIGHTS world tour. The group amazed the crowd with their energetic performances.

During the second concert, Dahyun informed the crowd that their juniors ITZY and Stray Kids were present along with Park Jin Young himself. She also asked the crowd to wish Yeji of ITZY a happy birthday.

ITZY posted on their official Twitter account, thanking TWICE for the invite and expressing their desire to one day become like TWICE. They also posted a picture with their seniors.

The birthday girl personally posted a message on ITZY’s Instagram page, saying “TWICE’s concert was so cool. I have so much to learn. ITZY will do our best to become great artists like TWICE and become a group our fans can be proud of. Thank you much to TWICE for inviting us, and thank you to all the fans who wished me a happy birthday”.

Stray Kids also posted a picture with TWICE. On their official Instagram, they wrote “We had fun at TWICE’s TWICELIGHTS concert, it was so much fun and we learned a lot. Thank you for making memories”.

Chaeyoung revealed that she had invited a special guest to the concert. On TWICE’s Instagram, she thanked fans for coming to the concert and revealed that she had invited Dutch singer Wouter Hamel, whom she had been a long-time fan of, and he came to support her which overjoyed Chaeyoung. She accompanied the post with a picture of TWICE and Wouter Hamel.

Wouter thanked Chaeyoung for the invitation on Instagram and Twitter.

Park Jin Young was also in attendance and he got caught taking pictures with his phone by security! TWICE will continue their TWICELIGHTS world tour as they venture across Asia, North America and South America.

Source: Stoo Asiae