K-Pop Songwriter Leaks Snippet Of Song TWICE Was Supposed To Release

Lyre also produced ITZY’s “In the morning” and Red Velvet’s “Talk to Me.” Do you wish TWICE released this track?

Together, Elli Moore and Alina Smith have written several K-Pop songs for acts like ITZY and Red Velvet under the joint name Lyre. While you may never have seen their names on TWICE‘s tracklists, they have written a song for the group—and it was almost released. Alina Smith revealed the full story (and a snippet of the song) in a recent social media update.

If the production duo name Lyre sounds familiar to you, you may know the songs these writers have already made from K-Pop acts, including Red Velvet’s B-Side “Talk to Me” from their mini-album Rookie

… and ITZY’s most recent title track, “In the morning” (also known as “Mafia”).

What you probably didn’t know is that Lyre also wrote a song for TWICE some time ago—but it never got released. In a recent Instagram update, Lyre songwriter Alina Smith revealed the story, explaining that they wrote the song specifically for TWICE and JYP Entertainment really liked it.”

Lyre’s Alina Smith | @lyreofficial/Instagram

In fact, the company liked it so much that they had Lyre fine-tune the song until it was perfect. Smith says the pair were asked to do “a whole bunch of revisions,” including writing three choruses for the track. Once the song was polished, Smith says JYP Entertainment actually told Lyre the song would be coming out. It seems that all the typical protocols for a new song release were followed because Smith says the producers even received their upfront payments.

| @lyreofficial/Instagram

However, ultimately, the song never saw the light of day. Alina Smith didn’t give a full explanation of what actually happened, simply stating, “You know… music industry.” But, she did release a few-second snippet of the track for curious ONCEs! Listen below to hear the song, the English lyrics of which say, “I’m gonna shop, shop, shop, shop, shop, shop till I drop, drop, drop, drop, drop.” If TWICE had released the song, it’s likely the lyrics would have been rewritten in Korean.

Alina Smith went on to say that even though TWICE won’t be releasing the song, she still hopes another K-Pop group may be able to release it one day. She suggested OH MY GIRL, Weeekly, and STAYC as acts that would all fit the sound.

In the comments of Smith’s Instagram post, popular K-Pop songwriter Melanie Joy Fontana (who wrote BTS’s “Boy with Luv” and BLACKPINK’s “Bet You Wanna”) also suggested Red Velvet, while others said the song was too perfect for TWICE to go to any other group.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

What are your thoughts—do you wish TWICE released this track?