TWICE Reveals What Surprised Them The Most About International Fans

International fans left a big impression on them during tours!

In a recent interview with Seventeen, TWICE shared how international fans surprise and touch them when they go on tour.

Knowing that fans go out of their way to express their love for the group, they were asked, “What was something your fans did that made you happy?

Nayeon revealed that she was particularly shocked when she saw international fans dressed up like them. From hair to makeup, fans did their best to copy TWICE’s music video looks.

For this, what I’m remembering is…when we tour around other countries and especially in the U.S., there will be a lot of fans who come dressed up and with hair and makeup looking exactly like us from our music videos. I find it really fun, and it makes me happy.

— Nayeon

Nayeon’s words reminded Jihyo of another aspect about international fans that surprised her when they went on tour. According to Jihyo, she noticed that many international fans enjoy holding up funny pictures of the members.

I’m also thinking of something. When touring, for some reason, there’s always at least one fan holding up like this a funny picture of us at every performance. Yeah, especially abroad. They really like them, it seems.

— Jihyo

Nayeon excitedly remembered that many Southeast Asian countries enjoy doing it the most. “I think maybe in Southeast Asia they do.

Catch more of TWICE in the full video below!

Source: Seventeen


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