TWICE Reveal Why They Were Surprised When They Heard J.Y. Park’s Iconic Whisper In “Alcohol-Free”

When they heard the “JYP~” whisper in the song, they were all taken aback!

Park Jin Young is famous as a composer, and his songs share equal fame for having his trademark “JYP~” whisper that instantly tells a listener whose song it is!

TWICE recently made a comeback with the song “Alcohol-Free” written by Park Jin Young, and they shared how the “JYP” whisper made it into the song without their knowledge!

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The members recently guested on SBS Power FM’s Choi Junghwa Power Time, where they talked about their comeback, revealing details like which member hated “Alcohol-Free” at first, and more!


They read out questions sent in by listeners, and one of the questions they received was,

After a long time, Park Jin Young’s ‘JYP~’ narration was included in the song “Alcohol-Free”. Is there any reason for including it in this song?

While they discussed the question, Jeongyeon hilariously offered her opinion of how Park Jin Young just wanted to show off!

Doesn’t he just want to show off? Like, ‘It’s my song.’



Mina then revealed how the whisper was actually not a part of the song this time, either!

But until we recorded the song this time, that [the whisper] wasn’t there. There was no ‘JYP~’. When the version before the final song came out, suddenly…’JYP~”; it came like this.

So we said, ‘Oh, this is included in the song.’ We said this among ourselves.



The host then asked them about whether or not they could have had the whisper removed, to which Jihyo said that that would just make for an awkward conversation, bringing laughter to the studio!

We can say if we want it to be included, but to ask to remove it is a little…


Jihyo also shared how even in their 2017 hit song “Signal”, Park Jin Young’s trademark whisper was only included because they asked for it!

Actually, it wasn’t included in “Signal”. I remember because we asked for it to be included. But this time, it was suddenly included.



TWICE made their comeback with the mini-album Taste Of Love and the title track “Alcohol-Free”. Listen to the bop by Park Jin Young here!

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