TWICE Surprises Fans With Solo Performances At Seoul Concert “Ready To Be”

From original songs to pop hit covers, TWICE’s concert was the place to be.

Earlier today, TWICE kicked off their fifth world tour READY TO BE with the first day of their Seoul stop. The nine members had a lot of excitement in store for fans, including new performances and added twists to existing ones through dance breaks. Though one of the most anticipated sections of their concert has been the members’ solo performances.

Keeping fans’ wishes in mind all nine members of TWICE had prepared their own solo stages, each having a unique twist and perfectly showcasing the girls’ talent.

| JYP Entertainment

1. Nayeon

Having already debuted as a soloist, Nayeon performed her own solo title track “Pop!” The group’s vocalist added a special dance break to her performance, just for this tour!

2. Jihyo

Jihyo also performed an original solo song, though one that’s never been heard before by fans. ONCEs have titled the powerful rock song “Nightmare” for now, and Jihyo served some amazing vocals for all fans attending their concert.

3. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon chose to cover LIZZO‘s “Juice” for her solo stage. The TWICE star entered the stage looking gorgeous ready to give a colorful and extremely fun performance for the enjoyment of all ONCEs.

4. Momo

As the main dancer of TWICE, fans anticipated Momo’s solo stage a lot, and she did not disappoint. Momo performed an amazing cover of Beyoncé‘s “MOVE” with a jaw-dropping pole dancing section.

5. Sana

Sana chose Dua Lipa‘s pop mega-hit “New Rules” to perform as her solo stage, and boy, did she deliver. Dressed in a beautiful red and black two-piece, Sana served amazing vocals as she dances sensually to the beat.

6. Mina

From Dua Lipa to Ariana GrandeReady To Be seems like a pop heaven! Mina chose to perform Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” for her solo performance and fans were delighted with the stage.

7. Tzuyu

The group’s maknae, Tzuyu, kept the pop theme going as she covered Charlie Puth‘s collaboration with Kehlani “Done For Me”. The TWICE star was wearing an all-white two-piece jumpsuit as she showcased her dancing and singing skills.

8. Dahyun

Dahyun chose to cover Colbie Caillat‘s “Try” for her solo performance and did so with an incredible twist. As the lights turned back on at the beginning of her performance, fans were amazed to see Dahyun playing the piano herself, demonstrating just how talented she is!

9. Chaeyoung

Last but definitely not least, Chaeyoung performed an original song for ONCEs while playing the guitar. The heartfelt song is yet to have a title but it definitely sounded as sweet as Chaeyoung’s voice.