TWICE Are Talented Songwriters—Here Are The Songs They Enjoyed Writing The Most

You have to listen to these songs 😍

TWICE aren’t just talented at singing, dancing, and rapping, but also songwriting! In fact, each side track in their latest album, Taste Of Love, was written by a member.

Knowing this, NME recently asked them what songs they enjoyed writing the most. “What has been your favorite song to write lyrics for?

Chaeyoung picked her song “Strawberry” from TWICE’s Fancy You album. Nicknamed “Strawberry Princess,” it’s no surprise the lyrics came naturally to her!


My favorite song to write lyrics for was ‘Strawberry’. I really like the lyrics. It really came from my heart because I love strawberries, so the lyrics came quite naturally for me. Thankfully fans love that song as well and the song worked really well with our voices.

— Chaeyoung

On the other hand, leader Jihyo chose the song “Sunset” from TWICE’s YES or YES album. Like Chaeyoung, the lyrics also came naturally to her. She noted how easy it was to bring the words to life.

Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

For me, it’s ‘Sunset’. Usually when I write lyrics, I try to picture the words and the scenes of the lyrics. I could easily picture ‘Sunset’. It came very naturally for me.

— Jihyo

Last but not the least, Dahyun explained that she likes all the songs she has written, but if she had to pick just one, it’d have to be “Queen” from their Eyes Wide Open album. “Queen” isn’t just her personal favorite song! She revealed that it is also a fan-favorite because of its strong and empowering lyrics.


I actually love all the songs that I wrote lyrics for, but if I have to pick a favorite, it’d be ‘Queen’ because it’s about expressing yourself as you are and loving yourself for who you are. Fans love that song as well, so that’s my favorite song.

— Dahyun

Take a listen to TWICE’s top picks below!

Source: NME


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