TWICE Names The Three Global Girl Groups They Would Like To Get Advice From

There was one group all the girls agreed on!

Following the release of their newest album Taste of Love, TWICE sat down with NME to talk music and musical inspirations.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

With their nickname as “The Nation’s Girl Group,” we wondered if there were any other girl groups from around the world that they would like to get advice from. Jihyo mentioned Destiny’s Child, an American girl group comprised of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams.

Destiny’s Child

Chaeyong mentioned TLC, an American 90s girl group. She stated that she would love to “talk to them about how things were then for them, and how they coped with challenges while they were still together.” But aside from these two groups, there was one other that all the members agreed they would love to get advice from: Wonder Girls.

Wonder Girls | JYP Entertainment

Wonder Girls is a K-pop group from the same company as TWICE, JYP Entertainment. Even so, the girls wanted to get their advice as they “also had quite a presence in the United States as well, so they could probably give us a lot of good advice.” Considering how much success TWICE have had on their own, we’re sure other groups are wanting to talk to them!

Source: NME